About Job Shop

Corporate Profile

Today, Human Resource Management is the most critical but underutilized asset for any company. Managing HR assets is critical to Cost and Profitability.

Job Shop is a Career Management Organisation with a Mission to Source, Develop and Sustain our Clients Human Assets through an Integrated and Holistic System.

Our Services

  • Pre-assessment (Career Profiling)
  • Recruitment
  • Learning and Development
  • Gap Analysis & Compensation Survey
  • Performance Management & Competency Mapping
  • Construction of HR manuals or policies
  • Incentive Scheme Design

Why Job Shop?

Job Sop is committed to provide unbeatable value for every assignment. Our Solutions address not just the immediate but also the holistic needs of any organisation which are Culture, Cost and Profitability.

Our Recruitment Strategy is based on providing the right career to every candidate based on their individual profile and aptitude.

Our Client Verticals

  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Social/NGO

The Job Shop Team

Our team comprises of an In house panel of experts for every vertical that provides us the expertise and understanding to preselect the right candidate for every client. This enables us to understand our customers and provide customised solutions for HR Management.

Our Client Relation Philosophy is based on satisfying existing clients rather than acquire more clients.